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Sport & Leisure Horses

Becoming a Seller

  • Once you have registered, login in to
  • Go to Add Horse.
  • Fill up the required details of your horse including uploading pictures and/or video.
  • Once you have paid the €25 VAT inc fee then the advert will be sent to our Customer Service Team who will review the advert before making it active on the site.

Useful Info for Sellers

  • The fee for advertising a Sport or Leisure Horse is €25 VAT inc
  • Videos help sell your horse much better than pictures. A well taken short video is 44% more likely to be viewed than a standard photo
  • Your advert on is marketed across all our social media outlets.

Becoming a Buyer

  • Once you have registered, login in to
  • You will notified of all upcoming horses for sale
  • You can search and filter all horses on our site
  • Contact the Seller directly through the site by phone or email
  • There is NO FEE for buying a Sport & Leisure horse on our listing page
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