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Taking High-Quality Photos

How to take a good conformation shot, like the above?

1. Select the site.

  • Choose an uncluttered area; no cars, equipment, etc.
  • Choose a site with a “contrasting” background.
  • The area directly behind the horse should be more or less the same colour or intensity throughout.
  • Find a site with level ground. If you can, identify a reference point (such as a fence or groundline) to gauge horizontal balance.

2. Pick a good day and a good time.

  • Best times of day are about an hour or two after sunrise or before sunset. The light at this time will add a “glow.”
  • Shoot with the sun behind your shoulder and slightly from the rear of the horse.
  • For most horses, a bright overcast day is best. Overcast light is more evenly distributed, with fewer harsh shadows.
  • When shooting in bright daylight, use a flash to eliminate shadows.

3. Prepare your horse.

  • Your horse should be immaculately clean.
  • Plat your horse if he/she has a nice neck.
  • Use a clean leather halter/lead or bridle.
  • You will need 2 people. One will hold the horse, and one will get the horse’s attention and take the photo.

4. Position your horse.

  • The camera should be at a distance so that the horse “fills up” the frame.
  • The cannon bones of the legs nearest the viewer should be vertical; the far feet should angle slightly inward so that all four feet are visible. The horse should cover a lot of ground but should not be “parked out.”
  • Turn the horse’s head slightly toward the camera.
  • The horse should look alert and curious, with the neck arched.

5. Take many, many photos!

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